Backyard Cottages / Detached ADUs

A backyard cottage, also known as a Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit (DADU), is a great way to accommodate your desire to provide additional housing on your property. Whether used as a home for aging relatives or rented out to tenants, a backyard cottage provides a valuable space. These versatile units add density to the city in a way that is sustainable and livable.


Added "mother-in-law" unit to existing house on a tight site. Compact living arrangement on one level in 600 square feet. Features cathedral ceiling, sunny kitchen with laundry area, front porch and side deck.

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This new garage/studio features a two--car garage with shop space on the main level, and a studio above with a deck. Total main floor is 954 square feet. Studio is 405 square feet with 120 square feet of upper floor deck.

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backyard cottage (dadu) (west seattle 2013)

This is a compact two-story cottage design with a total of 777 sq ft. The main floor features a small recessed entry, kitchen, bath, and laundry areas. The upstairs is a large open bedroom with a half bath, and a small porch with a view.


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dadu over garage (NE seattle 2015)

This unbuilt one-bedroom apartment is over an existing two-car garage. Total apartment is 392 square feet. Awaiting change in DADU rules for construction.


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studio dadu (Lopez island 2019)

This unbuilt studio apartment is over a new two-car garage. Total apartment is 624 square feet, including stair down to garage. Kitchen features a brick pizza oven. Studio has three pairs of french doors that open onto a large deck. Also features a cathedral ceiling.

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